Excavators for small tractors

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Excavators for small tractors

Excavators for small tractors are very convenient for quick coupling. The controls are conveniently located and the driver can easily grasp the steering. Excavators will give you independence, and when you need to dig a canal or anything, you will be able to get the job done without having to wait for someone to do this service.
Excavators of the RES series differ in two main features. RES 10 rotates 180 degrees and stands centrally behind the tractor. Models 15, 20 and 30 can move the boom transversely allowing digging from the end of the tractor tire.

Excavator Del Morino model RES 10:

Self-lubricating bushings. Hardened pins with internal lubrication. Three-point coupling category 1 and 2. Shaft (independent) 540 rpm. Hydraulic pump, gearbox. Independent hydraulic system with pump and hydraulic oil tank. Hydraulic oil - 13 liters capacity. 6 hydraulic cylinders. Independent hydraulic stabilizers. Hydraulic control unit with pressure control. Adjustable seat.

Excavator Del Morino model RES15 / RES20 / RES30:

Three-point attachment, categories 1 and 2; Shaft (independent) 540 rpm, drives gearbox hydraulic pump; 180 degree rotation of the arm is controlled by 2 hydraulic cylinders; Hydraulic system with pump and hydraulic oil tank (15 liters of hydraulic oil); Hydraulic cylinders - 7; Independent hydraulically driven stabilizers; Self-lubricating bushes; Hardened pins with internal lubrication; Hydraulic lateral displacement stabilizer with hydraulic lock option (standard on RES 30);

Excavator Options for Small Tractors:

Digging bucket; Trapezoidal cleaning bucket; Wire bucket; Trench bucket; Hydraulic side shift stabilizer with hydraulic lock option for models (RES 15, RES 20); Three-point anti-roll bar;

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