FOTON TE254R is a small tractor

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The FOTON TE254R is a small tractor with a high tractor type of 4x4 and gives you movement on all terrains.
The compact tractor is the ideal solution for the cultivation of about 100 acres in areas such as: (vegetable production, horticulture, greenhouses, vineyards, livestock farms, etc.).
The tractor can be equipped with a plow, sprayer, milling machine, disc harrow, mower, trailer, cultivator, shredder and other equipment.

FOTON TE254R tractor engine

it is equipped with a 3-cylinder 25hp diesel engine, water-cooled providing tremendous torque that rivals even larger engines while maintaining its environmentally friendly operation.

Gearbox of the tractor

8 forward / 8 reverse gears with a choice of fast and slow gears allows for a diverse power range to meet different operating requirements.
The reverse allows for quick change of direction with just one pull of the lever. Switching from 4x2 mode to 4x4 mode can be easily selected with a conveniently located lever.

Two-speed PTO (540 / 1000rpm)

The dual-speed PTO with a separate clutch allows the PTO to run at 540 or 1000rpm, allowing you to attach a wide variety of equipment and equipment such as deflectors, mowers, shredders and more. Adjustable three point attachment system with stabilizers and many attachment and tensioning positions allowing easy attachment of various agricultural machinery.

Steering of the tractor:

With a two-way power cylinder, we have very light and independent tractor control even in the heaviest loads. Thanks to the double disc clutch, we can easily select gear without affecting PTO performance.

Fast hydraulic connections + 1 parallel:
Rear-mounted quick hydraulic connections allow a greater choice of front and rear attachments to be used using an external hydraulic pressure source, such as a tractor front loader or a wood splitter.

Rollover protection:

Certified safety frame - ROPS guarantees safe rollover protection. The operator's seat of the mini tractor is equipped with a comfortable seat and seat belt.

Tractor front cover:
The easy self-lifting of the front cover of the tractor is guaranteed by the powerful gas shock absorbers and can be actuated by the tractor operator with the help of a single lever.

European approval of the FOTON TE254R tractor.
New FOTON TE254R tractors meet European safety standards and standards. The tractors are type-approved with number and corresponding certificate of conformity. As a result, the tractor can be purchased through programs, leasing or more!

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