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Shredder TMS super heavy type

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Shredder TMS super heavy type

The ZANON TMS shredder is a super-heavy type, designed for medium to high power (40-110 hp) tractors, and is ideal for cutting everything, thanks to its large 30 cm opening and rotor. 550 mm. These advantages give the biggest hammers (the model is made with hammers only) an extremely high peripheral speed with which they destroy everything that has fallen between them.

These shredders are characterized by a double steel structure, an electronically balanced large 550mm rotor, perfectly insulated bearing bodies, a belt drive that connects the rotor to the gearbox insulated with a steel safety cover. Can only be completed with hammers.

Standard TMS shredder equipment:

Belt drive with adjustable tensioner; Sturdy steel knives; Rear lid that opens; Adjustable height roller; Three point hitch for the tractor; Hammers; Counter knives; CE safety shield; Mechanical lateral displacement; Gearbox with safety clutch; Rear blades (do not allow branches to emerge from shredder until they are cut into small pieces); Anti-shock absorber, and belt cooling.

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