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ZANON SHARK 50 electric orchard shears

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ZANON SHARK 50 electric orchard shears

The ZANON SHARK 50 is an electronically controlled shear offering unparalleled cutting with great power and precision. The SHARK 50 scissors are specially designed for professional pruning.

The electronically controlled scissors are extremely lightweight, very sturdy and efficient, designed for all kinds of intensive work, such as cutting mostly orchards but also in vineyards and also for maintaining parks.
The electric fruit scissors are powered by new 604.S multifunction batteries with a digital display. The digital display always gives you information on how many cuts the cutter has made and how much battery life it has to charge in a timely manner.
Other battery-operated ZANON port-foil products can also be attached to this battery.
Such products are:
TIGER SV-38 electric scissors with the ability to cut up to 38 mm branches,
TIGER ZT 40 electric shears with the ability to cut up to 40 mm branches,
RINO power saw with the ability to cut up to 180 mm branches,
MARLIN electric saw with the ability to cut branches up to 100 mm.
The 604.S multifunction battery is LI-ION type. It supplies 50.4V and has a capacity of 293 Wh.
Its mass is 2.3 kg and is carried by the cutter on a comfortable backpack.
A fully charged battery can be operated without recharging for 2 days in fruit growing and up to 3 days in viticulture.
The time to fully charge the 604.S battery is 3 hours.
Electric scissors do not emit harmful emissions and help to protect the environment.

The ZANON SHARK 50 electric fruit scissors can also operate on extended rods.
With their help, tall branches are formed without the need for the person who cuts to use stairs, platforms or other.
There are several rods:
Fixed rods for electric scissors. The fixed bars are the following dimensions: 100 cm, 150 cm and 200 cm
Telescopic bars. One model with the ability to work from 175-255 cm

What sets ZANON SHARK 50 scissors apart from others:

The weight is only 1000 grams; Double cut with diameter 50 mm; Special steel blade with high abrasion and scratch resistance; Shear time 0.26 seconds; Ergonomic and comfortable handle; Hand protection; Power cord cut-off; Vibration level less than or equal to 2.5m / s2; Lithium-ion battery providing scissors use for two days without recharging; The battery is reversible to allow it to be used with either the left or right hand; A full charge of the battery is achieved in just a few hours;

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