Electric vine and fruit scissors

ZANON TIGER SV 38 electric cordless fruit and vegetable scissors

Price: 2 040,00 лв. с ДДС.
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ZANON TIGER SV 38 electric cordless vineyard scissors

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ZANON model TIGER SV 38 at a special promotional price of 2 268,00 BGN with VAT !!!

ZANON's new electronically controlled cordless vineyard shear model TIGER SV 38 offers precise cutting and unmatched power and accuracy. The progressive actuation mechanism ensures high-quality cutting in all conditions, and the knife system allows perfect branching (branching) of the branches. The ergonomic design of the TIGER SV 38 facilitates cutting operations and makes it extremely efficient for all kinds of intensive work, minimizing fatigue and stress for the operator to a minimum. For greater convenience during operation and easier access to different heights, the electric scissors can be equipped with ZANON extension rods.

What distinguishes the ZANON cordless scissors model TIGER SV 38 from others:

The weight is only 860 grams;
Double cutting with a diameter up to 38 mm;
Blade made of special steel with high abrasion resistance and scratch resistance;
Ergonomic and comfortable handle;

ZANON TIGER SV 38 is a cordless shear with a patented progressive cutting control system that provides the operator with constant control over the blade position; The scissors are powered by a cast-ion battery with an active performance improvement system; The battery is reversible to allow use with the left or right hand; In just a few hours we have a full charge of the battery;

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