ANTONIO CARRARO tractor model TRG 10900

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TRG 10900
A reversible, steering, one-of-a-kind tractor.  With larger rear wheels and more ground clearance, TRG is suitable for working on orchards and vineyards as well as for open-field activities – such as deep ploughing – towing, forestry or construction.  It draws together strength, stability, compactness and ground clearance better than any other tractor, and for that it has no equal on the market: a reversible, powerful, agile tractor for both agriculture or winter road maintenance.  A tractor to be used 365 days a year.

AC Full Chassis with Oscillation - cast iron full chassis hosting the tractor's transmission. with a central articulated joint which allows a longitudinal oscillation up to 15°; this system allows the tractor to keep up with the soil's sinuosity ensuring constant traction and grip.

RGS™ Rev-Guide System, is the AC reversible driving system on a rotating turret which inverts the driving direction in just a few seconds in order to work efficiently with towed or frontal equipment. Simply turn the seat/steering wheel/dash/pedal assembly 180° for an identical, but reverse, driving direction.

AIR cabAIR cab
The AIR cab offers maximum level operative comfort and safety. The tractor and cab’s volumetric profile is harmonious and streamlined in order to grant agility and ease of movement in tight spaces and dense vegetation. To guarantee a perfect working climate there is the efficient heating and ventilation system with an integrated air-conditioning system.


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