Forestry lawn mower with PID model 200F

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Forestry lawn mower with PID model 200F

For the maintenance of a clean and tidy garden, as well as for more labor-intensive activities in the forest environment, DRAGANOVI offers the new high-quality PID 200F mower.

Intended use of forest lawn mowers:

Forest lawn mowers of this type are suitable for cleaning grass and tree trunks with a maximum diameter of 18 cm. The mower can work in both directions back and forth.
The 200 F forest mowers have a very sturdy double steel body that is 10 mm thick.
The sliders are made of durable steel 80 mm wide.
It is equipped with four class 100 chains with a thickness of 16 mm.
Very sturdy gearbox 57 kg at 540 rpm produced in Italy.

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