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IT inter-row head with hydraulic probe

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IT inter-row head with hydraulic probe

The IT inter-row head accessory fits on the mulcher and cleans around the stems of crop plants and in alleyways without damaging the crop plants themselves. The inter-row cutter disk is moved by a hydraulic cylinder operated by a distributor. The distributor, and therefore the movement of the head is controlled rapidly and accurately by a probe. The system guarantees accurate cutting of weeds and shrubs on either side of the row. The cutter disk is mounted on a parallel guide system that leaves it float and follow the surface of uneven ground. The angle of the inter-row cutter disk can be adjusted to cut the edges of embankments and drainage channels. The IT inter-row head can be installed on the following Zanon mulchers: LFG, TFB, TFG, TFZ, TMU.

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