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MIRA reversible hoer

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The MIRA reversible hoer constitutes one of the top machines of the entire production of hoers from the Orizzonti company. A strong point of the machine is in fact offered by the reversibility of work, front or rear, well suited to meet the needs of all our customers and adaptable to every type of tractor.

Standard arrangement with an efficient hydraulic system, complete with hydraulic distributor with rigid cables, with two levers for the movements of the inter-row head, the MIRA reversible hoer further focuses its strength on the effectiveness of its inter-row head, fast and accurate during the work phase which thanks to an "ad hoc" arrangement allows for the interchangeability of its tools in a simple and rapid manner, an added benefit for the end user. The oil needed for its operation should be provided for these types of machines directly from the tractor.

The stability of the machine is guaranteed in addition to the solid and compact structure, even with the two wheels of depth on the rear of the hoer, mechanically adjustable by the operator. To meet the needs of all its customers, the company Orizzonti has also included for the MIRA reversible hoer the option of installing an electro-hydraulic system with 4 functions, which, via joystick, allows fast movement of the entire machine. The simple, but at the same time strong structure, allows working in rows of vineyards and/or orchards with distances of between 200 cm and 280 cm, medium to large-sized.

Requires 180 pressure bar with 30 litres oil/min.


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