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Vineyard trailers

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Vineyard trailers

F.lli Annovi vineyards and spreaders are specially designed to spread manure in narrow aisles.
Models A25, A35 and A45 spread the manure in the front and right of the trailer in the direction of travel, working only inside the regular spaces between the vines, orchards, raspberries and roses.
The A30 ejects from behind and works throughout the aisle. All trailers are equipped with two-track chain conveyors. The chain conveyors have a gearbox with travel speeds and a built-in ratchet mechanism.

Options for vineyard trailers

Brake system;
Lighting system;

Organic fertilizers supply the vine or tree with all the necessary nutrients, enrich the soil with humus, improve its physical properties and enhance microbiological activity.
F.lli Annovi is a company that has developed front-mounted manure spreaders in vineyards and orchards.

What is manure and how much is paid per ha?

Manure contains all the nutrients and trace elements important for plants. It also contains stimulants (auxins, vitamins, hormones, etc.) and carbohydrates (cellulose, sugars, etc.) that improve both soil fertility and plant nutrition. Well decomposed manure contains: nitrogen - from 1.13 to 3.34 g / kg; phosphorus - from 0.57 to 3.02 g / kg; potassium - from 0.70 to 5.17 g / kg; copper - from 0.14 to 5.30 g / kg; boron from 0.42 to 3.65 g / kg and manganese from 8.9 to 65.26 g / kg. Horse and sheep manure are richer in nutrients. The manure is imported in 2-3 years at 300-400 kg / ha (sheep at 150 - 200 kg / ha). Avian fertilizer is the richest nutrient-restricted fertilizer and is used to feed small vines and trees at a dose of 150 / 250kg. acres. Compost. It is prepared from various vegetable wastes that are used as manure after decomposition. Tomas flour, potassium sulfate and lime are added to enrich it.

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