The CUCCHI SL1 SL1 SL1 automatic rotary cutter

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The CUCCHI SL1 SL1 SL1 automatic rotary cutter

The CUCCHI SL1 SL1 SL1 automatic rotary cutter is suitable for cultivating the soil in vineyards, orchards, all other crops grown on raised rows.
The milling cutter is characterized by a very strong and simple construction, which guarantees good work in heavy and hard, heavily grassed soils.
It is equipped with a very sensitive lateral displacement hydraulic system, controlled by a sensor that makes use and especially suitable for young plants.
The frame is made of durable material, the hydraulic tank is built into the front to provide greater stability to the machine.
Technical specification of the deflecting mill Working width 40-50-80 cm .; Independent hydraulic system with automatic displacement up to 40 cm;
Automatic side shifting system with adjustable height sensor; Working depth varies up to 15 cm; Variable hinged height from the center of the tractor (on request, for rows of different widths);
Key Features of Deflection Mills Particularly sturdy construction; Can be used in closely planted crops (80 cm.); Milling head with chain drive in oil bath and universal cardan connection; The milling head can be replaced by other equipment using the same frame (scraper and scraper disk section, power cutter, mini mower, etc.;

Additional equipment / Options / for vineyard milling cutter

Steel support wheels for adjusting the working depth; Changing the angle of the working depth (rotation) to follow the contours of the line (performed by the operator); Manual control of the pull in case of an accident.

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