vineyard fruit auto-deflecting active harrow CUCCHI model ES

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vineyard fruit auto-deflecting active harrow CUCCHI model ES

The vineyard auto-deflecting active gear harrow is suitable for cultivating soil in a row between perennials such as:
vineyards, orchards, roses, raspberries, or other rows.
The milling cutter or (active tooth harrow - because the working and the organs are vertically arranged hoes) is extremely strong and particularly suitable for heavy, stony and difficult to cultivate soils, in addition to destroying weeds with minimal moisture loss, it also provides excellent alignment of the row. The cutter can also be used in young plants.

Technical specification of auto-deflection section:

Width of the working section 50 or 75 cm - consisting of 4 working heads with 2 vertical knives;
Independent hydraulic system for 40 cm automatic lateral displacement;
Working depth ranging from 2 to 12 cm;
Automatic side-shifting system with adjustable height sensor.
Variable hinged height from the center of the tractor (on request, for rows of different widths).

Main features of diverting active tooth harrow

Can be used in closely planted crops (60 cm);
Four rotary harrows with transmission in oil bath;
Torque limiter;
Sensitive motion sensor;
Fuse in case of overloading or locking of the work head;
The work head can be replaced with other equipment using the same frame (scraper and scraper disk section, power cutter, mini mower, etc.);

Automatically deflecting active gear harrow accessories:

Depth adjusting steel wheels; Changing the angle of the working body (turning) to follow the contours of the line (performed by the operator); Manual Emergency Control (for retracting the working body behind the tractor)

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